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!Quick Screen Capture - capture any part of the screen
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screen capture, screen capture software
    Screen Capture Ways

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!Quick Screen Capture can capture any part of your screen in 10 ways. They are:
  • Capture Full Screen
  • Capture Active Window
  • Capture Active Window Client Area
  • Capture Button, Control, Object
  • Capture Region
    - Rectangle Area
    - Square Area
    - Ellipse Area
    - Circle Area
    - Polygon Area
  • Capture DirectX Screen

How to start a capture - using hotkey

At any time, even when the main window is not active or visible, you can press the hotkey to start a capture. The program's default hotkey is "F11". But the system hotkey may be used by other program, and you will see a "Register hotkey error" popup. Then you can set up your own hotkey which hasn't been used.

To set your own hotkey, firstly open the "Configure" dialog (Setting-> Configure...); Then set focus to the hotkey edit box (this means to click on the edit box and show the cursor in it); And press down the keys you want to set as hotkey. Click "OK" button to enable the setting. If you still see a "Register hotkey error" popup, you can set it again until the popup doesn't appear.


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